Excellent File Manager 

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Search hidden and unhidden folders and files on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, NAS or in your LAN network


Exploring files and folders with Windows Explorer can be time consuming. With Excellent File Manager time consuming exploration will be history. Let Excellent File Manager do the exploration job. Simply ask the program what to do and it does.


Filter for sizes and dates


Just set a start date and an end date or lower and upper border of your filesize and search for these specific files on your computer.


Look for files with a specific text or specific filetypes


Fill in the specific text or specific filetype you are looking for and Excellent File Manager will list all the files satisfying this condition.

For instance if you’ve marked your files with the word 'letter' in case the document is a actually a letter, you can easily create a letterbook in this way.

Or if you want to find all the Excel workbooks, just fill in 'xlsx' and a list of Excel files is generated.