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EFM Basic



















The price of Excellent File Manager Pro


Excellent File Manager Basic can be used free of charges.

For the use of Excellent File Manager Pro we ask 8.00 (including Value Added Tax).





Convert your currency to


If you live in a country with another currency than the and you want to buy the Excellent File Manager Pro version, you have to transfer the equivalent of 8. For the conversion of the foreign currency to , the currency converter of Yahoo is used as reference. When clicking the currency converter of Yahoo, the amount of 8 has already been set and the conversion date is the date of buying Excellent File Manager Pro.





Pay information when buying Excellent File Manager Pro


Buying Excellent File Manager Pro version is simple:

1.      Choose TransferWise or PayPal for your money order

2.      Transfer or pay 8 or the equivalent of 8 to the account efm@vermeer.nu

3.      In your money order fill in your productnumber of Excellent File Manager: in PayPal you can use the message field and in TransferWise a

After the money is transfered, the online key of Excellent File Manager Pro version will be installed based on the product number

and you can start using Excellent File Manager Pro version. The whole process should be completed within 1-4 working days.






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You can use TransferWise if you want to pay in the currency of Australia, Brazil , Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Canada, Danmark, Georgia, Hong Kong, Hungaria, India, Maylasia, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK or USA.


How does TransferWise work?

You can use PayPal if you want to pay in the currency of all the other countries.




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