Excellent File Manager

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Overview of identical files


You will get an overview of indentical files. Reducing the number of identical files frees memory and saves you money for it reduces the need for storage.


Compare folders or compare a folder with earlier search


Compare folders with each other and check for differences. Or compare a folder with an earlier search of the folder stored in Excellent File Manager. Get an overview in your file creation progress.


Synchronize your folders in an easy way


With the synchronise button you can easily synchronize two folders .


Create quickly an overview of your photo's


Create a photobook of all your photo's stored on your digital devices.


Find files with specific attributes


Get an overview of file details, such as author, title or subject.








In the Excellent File Manager sheet Files you can copy, move, delete, rename or change the attributes (ReadOnly, Archice, Hidden) of folders and files. This can be handy when you want to reorganize your folders and files. Before you can use these functions you have to activate them in the sheet Action.







Schedule your searches


You can easily schedule your searches or actions on a daily, weekly or monthly base. Just set a time, day or period and schedule your task.




Get an overview of your folder structure


When searching for folders and files you also get an overview of your folder structure.

Point your mouse to a specific folder and a comment with information of folders and files in this folder is shown.

If you click this folder all the files in the folder and subfolders will be shown in the sheet Files.









Excellent File Manager also provides statistical information: filesizes and number of files in the several folder levels, a top 30 list of found file extensions and file capacity information.







Length of folders and files


The total length of your folder and filenames (including characters like : and /) is limited to 256 characters.

A larger length causes errors when handling files and folders. Excellent File Manager shows you the total length of folders and files.