Excellent File Manager 

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EFM Basic



















Tutorials of Excellent File Manager


We have made '1 minute tutorials' of Excellent File Manager which you can watch on You Tube.


Excellent File Manager Basic


1. Getting started with Excellent File Manager Basic

2. Search folders and files (Tutorial yet to come)

3. Filter for sizes (Tutorial yet to come)

4. Look for files with specific text or specific filetypes (Tutorial yet to come)

5. Search files on your mobile phone (Tutorial yet to come)


Excellent File Manager Pro


6. Installing Excellent File Manager Pro

7. Search files with special attributes (Tutorial yet to come)

8. Compare folders  (Tutorial yet to come)

9. Compare a folder with an earlier search (Tutorial yet to come)

10. Actions (Tutorial yet to come)

11.Synchronize folders (Tutorial yet to come)

12. Create your photobook (Tutorial yet to come)

13. Manage the length of your folders and files (Tutorial yet to come)

14. Schedule tasks (Tutorial yet to come)