With Excellent Timer you can start all your processes just in time.

Combine Excellent Timer for instance with 'Excellent Macro' and you are able to perform data harvesting task during the night so next morning the most recent data is available for you. 

You can schedule any day in the week and if required multiple times during the day.

It contains also a description how to automatically start Excellent Timer after starting your computer, which is an option on board in case of power failure. 


Excellent Timer is easy to use. The tool needs the following information:

  1. The name of your project.
  2. The folder of the file which has to be performed.
  3. The file which has to be performed.
  4. Optional and regularly not necessary is the module of the VBA procedure you want to run.
  5. The VBA procedure you want to run.
  6.  Information if the VBA procedure has to run. For testing purposes you are able to chooce False if you don't want to run a specific line in the table.
  7. And last but not least the time and days of the week you want the procedure to run. 

After your settings are filled in just close Excellent Timer and restart Excellent Timer again. Under 'Upload' and after 'Next upload' you can see when the next upload of Excellent Timer is planned. Untill you stop Excellent Timer the program will continu it's tasks, hour after hour, day after day and week after week.

If you want to do more than one run of a specific task on a day simply insert a new line, copy the line you want to add and adjust the time settings. Easily done in an instant. 


Figure Excellent Timer


Automatically restart Excellent Timer

Automatically restart could be handy in case of power failures or restarting after software updates. In the sheet 'Manual' an instruction is given how to set up a restart of Excellent Timer.  


Figure Computer settings for automatically restarting Excellent Timer