With Excellent File Manager you can juggle with your folders and files. Select your folder, click search and get a list of subfolders, files and their associated attributes. Reorganizing folders and files is easy to perform. You can start with double files shown by Excellent File Manager.

Because Excellent File Manager is an Excel workbook, you'll have all the benefits these workbook offers, such as

  1. Filtering specific foldernames, filenames or other attributes.
  2. Using pivottables to find specific folders, files or other attributes
  3. Sorting the list of folders, files and attributes in the way you want.
  4. Using the batchprocedure option to schedule tasks of Excellent File Manager periodically.
  5. Create lists of small images in Excel for imagefiles only. A handy option if you want to organize pictures.




With the tool it's easy to rename your folders and files. Just fill in the new foldernames and/or filenames and Excellent File Manager does the job. If you want to save a copy before renaming it's one of the options you can select.



It's als possible to move folders and files. Just fill in the new locations of the folders and/or files and Excellent File Manager will do the job. Because all the information is stored on 1 table you can do the job with all the overview you need!